9 Fun Galentines Day Party Ideas For Your Ladies


It has become increasingly more popular each and every year, just like Friendsgiving has. As per Leslie's rules, Galentine's Day is to be celebrated the day before Valentine's with all your gal pals sorry, men, you're not included. Activities include gift giving, showering one another with compliments, and usually food Here is a list of some potential Galentine's activities: Gather your closest gals, and prepare for a night filled with food, laughter, gifts, emotion, more food and wine predominately wine , and desserts it's a separate food category, okay?

9 Fun Galentines Day Party Ideas for Your Ladies

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How to Have a Girls Night // Fun Things to Do!

19 Red + Pink Party Ideas for Your Galentine’s Day Party

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9 Fun Galentines Day Party Ideas For Your Ladies

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19 Red + Pink Party Ideas for Your Galentine’s Day Party

1. Dinner party.

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Galentine’s Day Party Ideas

Go the traditional Galentine's Day route

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Go the traditional Galentine's Day route

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Having 9 Fun Galentines Day Party Ideas for Your Ladies looks cute with

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9 Fun Galentines Day Party Ideas for Your Ladies Cavalli taking swing

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  1. It's hard to top an organized, well-thought-out dinner party, but it is also a lot of work.
  2. Now, Leslie believes in the act of homemade, premeditated gifts with a lot of love put into them.
  3. Get ready to watch one another fall on your butts, knees, hands, and hopefully not your faces but sometimes you can't fight gravity.
  4. Either nestle up on a couch with your friends or take to the theaters for a screening of your favorite film.
  5. Maybe the gal gang takes a quick road trip to a nearby popping town or hits up the slopes, the beach, or maybe even a different continent.

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10 Galentine's Day Ideas Strictly For The Ladies

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10 Galentine's Day Ideas Strictly For The Ladies

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9 Fun Galentines Day Party Ideas for Your Ladies

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9 Fun Galentines Day Party Ideas for Your Ladies anyone ever

9 Fun Galentine's Day Party Ideas for Your Ladies

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Day for Fun Ideas 9 Ladies Party Galentines Your

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9 Fun Galentines Day Party Ideas for Your Ladies

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