6 Unique Wedding Reception Seating Ideas


This paper crane and wooden pallet seating chart is fitting for an industrial chic wedding. Super simple to DIY, it is one of the most affordable options on this list but it is just as cool. Got an artsy side? Use an easel as a unique stand. Take your chart to a printer and have them print it out large scale on adhesive vinyl to affix it to the board.

6 Unique Wedding Reception Seating Ideas

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16 Easy Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas – TWIS Weddings

107 Original Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

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6 Unique Wedding Reception Seating Ideas

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107 Original Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

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Here are 10 ways for letting your guests know where to be seated.

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Here are 10 ways for letting your guests know where to be seated.

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6 Unique Wedding Reception Seating Ideas red

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6 Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating Ideas

  • Want a romantic, pretty seating chart?
  • This amazing rotary phone seating chart might seem a little unconventional, but it was for a couple who built their long distance relationship over the phone.
  • Take your chart to a printer and have them print it out large scale on adhesive vinyl to affix it to the board.
  • Put a table number on each balloon and then attach escort cards to the string.
  • We love this idea of using a vintage suitcase to store escort cards styled like luggage tags, with each table representing a different international airport.
  • What couples doesn't want to see the world together?

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50+ Eye-Catching Seating Charts

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50+ Eye-Catching Seating Charts

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6 Unique Wedding Reception Seating Ideas

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20 Stylish Seating Charts to Greet Your Reception Guests

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Unique Seating Ideas 6 Wedding Reception

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6 Unique Wedding Reception Seating Ideas

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