6 Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating Ideas


Preceremony Cocktails photo by Elizabeth Messina Photography Your guests won't be expecting any drinks until the reception, so give them a pleasant surprise by setting up a table of light beverages on the way into the ceremony. Just don't serve anything too strong—try mimosas or fruit-infused iced teas they can sip before taking their seats and don't forget to have nonalcoholic versions too.

Have your caterer or ushers collect any stray glasses to make sure the space is tidy before the processional begins. Standout Escort Cards photo by Kara Purtell Photography Instead of a paper card that'll get lost or thrown away, upgrade your escort cards to something worth keeping or eating.

6 Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating Ideas

Unique Wedding Seating Ideas Unique Wedding Seating Ideas You and your ceremony are completely unique, so why have the same boring wedding seating as everyone else? Why not spice up your ceremony and delight your guest with some circular wedding seating? Or perhaps consider having your guests sit on some decorated hay bales? If you need a bit of inspiration for your ceremony, then check out these unique wedding seating ideas other couples have done and see what stands out for you!

16 Easy Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas – TWIS Weddings

30 Unique Wedding Ideas

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6 Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating Ideas

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30 Unique Wedding Ideas

Wedding tips & advice to help every bride make it to their "I Do" moment

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Unity Wedding Ceremonies


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6 Unique Ceremony and Reception Chairs for Your Wedding

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6 Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating Ideas

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6 Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating Ideas

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6 Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating Ideas

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25 Unique Wedding Seating Charts to Guide Guests to Their Tables

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Ideas Seating Unique Wedding 6 Ceremony

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