55 Wedding Veils For Every Bridal Style


Birdcage Veils Birdcage veils are the perfect length for an outdoor wedding: Traditionally birdcage veils are short and extend just past the chin. However, some brides wear them to the side to allow the netting to sweep across their face for a more dramatic and bold angled look. A birdcage veil is great if you want a vintage vibe, but also work well to add a bit of drama.

Fashion forward, vibrant, and confident brides-to-be love a birdcage veil on their big day.

55 Wedding Veils for Every Bridal Style

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Wedding Veils 101 - Most Popular Types

Elbow Length Veils

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55 Wedding Veils For Every Bridal Style

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Elbow Length Veils

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HOW TO: Fit a Veil with 3 Easy Bridal Styles by SweetHearts Hair

Wedding Veils

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Wedding Veils

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55 Wedding Veils for Every Bridal Style Isabel Wilkinson

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Vintage Wedding Dresses

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55 Wedding Veils for Every Bridal Style

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55 Wedding Veils for Every Bridal Style tired Lulu

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Veils 55 for Every Style Wedding Bridal

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55 Wedding Veils for Every Bridal Style

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