25 Wedding Sendoff Ideas For Making An Unforgettable Exit


Aside from the gorgeous photo op, your wedding exit is the grand finale to one of the most amazing days of your life. It is the perfect chance for friends and family to literally shower you with love. Showering newlyweds with rice is a time-honored tradition said to bless them with prosperity, fertility and good fortune.

However, many couples today are putting a unique twist on the tradition.

25 Wedding Sendoff Ideas for Making an Unforgettable Exit

Have you planned your grand exit? The grand exit, also called the wedding send-off , is an ancient tradition in which guests throw rice or other items at the newly married couple. In Roman times the majority of the items tossed represented fertility and abundance meant to give the couple good luck. Today however, wedding send-offs have become more of a reflection of the bride and grooms personality.

What to do during the off season as a wedding photographer

24 Creative Wedding Exit Toss Ideas

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25 Wedding Sendoff Ideas For Making An Unforgettable Exit

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24 Creative Wedding Exit Toss Ideas

Eco-Friendly Confetti

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How to shoot a SPARKLER send off

1. Lighting the Way with Pillar Candles

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How Things 25 Wedding Sendoff Ideas for Making an Unforgettable Exit third

The Basics


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Showers & Parties

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Send Off

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25 Wedding Sendoff Ideas for Making an Unforgettable Exit like have Cartier

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25 Fun Creative Wedding Exit Send Off Ideas

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25 Fun Creative Wedding Exit Send Off Ideas

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25 Wedding Sendoff Ideas for Making an Unforgettable Exit

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25 Wedding Sendoff Ideas for Making an Unforgettable Exit China

25 Wedding Sendoff Ideas for Making an Unforgettable Exit

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An Exit 25 Unforgettable Ideas Sendoff for Wedding Making

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25 Wedding Sendoff Ideas for Making an Unforgettable Exit

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