Why Silence Is Great For Your Relationship


Email Page Print Page I have discovered a stark contrast between what each sex thinks the opposite sex wants from them and what the opposite sex really does want. What women think men want from them often causes women to have resentment and anger toward men, and feel hopeless about ever developing a wonderful, warm, romantic partnership.

What men think women want from them often causes them much of the same feelings and frustration. The sad part is that it does not have to be this way, if only we would realize that both men and women are human beings first and pretty much want the same thing.

Why Silence Is Great for Your Relationship

Being More Adventurous 1 Make love in new positions. Though you may have gotten nice and comfortable in the missionary position, it may be time for some changes in the bedroom. Having sex the same old way can make it feel like a routine, and the more you mix things up, the more likely you'll be to want to get it on more often.

He Doesn’t Value You? The ONLY Way He’ll Ever Change (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Why Silence Is Great For Your Relationship

They sought to entice people to visit Finland and experience the beauty of this silent land. Finland may be on to something very big. You could be seeing the very beginnings of using silence as a selling point as silence may be becoming more and more attractive.

As the world around becomes increasingly loud and cluttered you may find yourself seeking out the reprieve that silent places and silence have to offer.


It's amazing how tuned out we become to the motor of the air-conditioner and refrigerator -- the sudden silence is a startling reprieve. Likewise, we become numb to the buzz of our technology saturated world. Smartphone users check their device every 6. Silence is replaced with a cacophony of communication, and solitude is replaced with social media.

Indeed they're an endangered species:

Why Silence Is Great For Your Relationship

According to Gallup polling data from , 98 percent of Americans report having at least one close friend the average number of friends is nine. But friendship may be in trouble. Americans reported an average of 10 friends apiece in , according to Gallup data, and a slew of sociology studies find that Americans have become more socially isolated over the decades.

For example, a study on the number of friends people felt they could discuss important matters with found that the number fell from an average of 2.

Why Silence Is Great For Your Relationship

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Scott Matthews Ten things that make relationships work in the long term It may seem that every successful relationship is successful in its own unique way, but actually, research has demonstrated that there are recurring patterns in successful relationships; certain sets of behaviour that can help maintain a happy long term partnership. It's a vast subject, but here are ten of the key things that can make love last Choosing the right person Sounds obvious, but it's easy to get blinded by the heady combination of love and lust that marks the beginning of a relationship and overlook any problems.

You're not going to change her, nor she you.

Love Advice It may seem astounding that a guy would want to end a good relationship, let alone a great one. However, not even the best relationships are immune from ending. Read on for the top eight reasons that would make a guy end a relationship when everything is running smoothly:

The recipe for truly great counseling Compiled by Lynne Shallcross December 1, 6 Comments If that headline caught your attention and you found yourself wondering, what does make a truly great counselor, you are not alone. Counseling is such a private enterprise that takes place behind closed doors.

So I think we are all works in progress, striving to do better. Erford is president of the American Counseling Association and a professor in the school counseling program at Loyola University Maryland. What, overall, makes a great counselor?

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It has a quality and a dimension all its own. In fact, a World Health Organization report called noise pollution a "modern plague," concluding that "there is overwhelming evidence that exposure to environmental noise has adverse effects on the health of the population. How many moments each day do you spend in total silence?

The answer is probably very few.

Then, being a man, I ran out of things to say. For each of these questions, see if you can figure out how an average guy might respond: A Suggest that they consult with a therapist in order to resolve this problem before it becomes a destructive pattern. B Try his hand at identifying the underlying feelings on each side of the dispute so that they can resolve the heart of the matter.

C Cut bait and hit the Xbox before he paints himself into a corner.

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Are you getting the cold shoulder instead of a willing partner? Source What Is the Silent Treatment? The silent treatment is when one person in a relationship ignores the other person, refusing to acknowledge them verbally or through any other method. This usually happens after an argument, but it can also happen when the silent partner is angry and the other person doesn't know why.

How The Silent Treatment Is Damaging Your Relationship And What To Do About It

Regenerated brain cells may be just a matter of silence.

The Rules Revisited I've dated countless women and it has always amazed me how little they know about men. If nothing else, this blog is an outlet for voicing my astonishment at the typical female's ignorance of the male mindset. At most, it is a reliable source of advice for women who want to improve their chances with the opposite sex. Tuesday, February 26, The Importance of Silence After a Break Up If you've been reading this blog for any time now, you are familiar with the idea of cutting off a man after he breaks up with you.

I want to explain a little more systematically the reasons why this is important.

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Regenerated brain cells may be just a matter of silence.

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Why Silence Is Great for Your Relationship previous thread can

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Why Men Go Silent And Fail To Share Or Communicate How They Feel

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Why Men Go Silent And Fail To Share Or Communicate How They Feel

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Healing Together for Couples

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Healing Together for Couples

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When a man shares too much of how he feels he appears needy.


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Why Silence Is Great for Your Relationship

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Why Silence Is Great for Your Relationship