Virgin Atlantics New Love Suites Are Specially Designed For Cuddlers


Dramatic moment Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano erupts La Compagnie The all-business class airline, which runs a regular service between Paris and New York and London and New York, is as well known for its stylish uniforms as it is for its unparalleled service. With a nod to the company's French origins, La Compagnie enlisted the help of Parisian fashion house Vicomte A to design the in-flight styles.

All-business class airline, La Compagnie, is known in the industry for their unique in-flight uniform designs All female flight attendants are clad in chic culottes and a Celeste blue silk scarf, designed by Parisian fashion house Vicomte A Female crew don chic, yet practical culottes and a Celeste blue silk scarf, while the smart male stewards are clad in a three-piece suit and blue knitted tie.

It's far less formal than one might expect from such an airline - not that we're complaining. Aeroflot The Russian national carrier's eye-catching uniforms are as noteworthy for their retro blazers and tilted caps as they are for their bold orange hue.

Virgin Atlantics New Love Suites Are Specially Designed for Cuddlers

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Virgin Atlantics New Love Suites Are Specially Designed For Cuddlers

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27 Black Wedding Dresses for the Alternative Bride

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Virgin Atlantics New Love Suites Are Specially Designed for Cuddlers think everything should

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About The Bridal Wishlist, The Modern Wedding Blog

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Suites Cuddlers Specially New Are Love Designed for Atlantics Virgin the

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Virgin Atlantics New Love Suites Are Specially Designed for Cuddlers

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Virgin Atlantics New Love Suites Are Specially Designed for Cuddlers

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