This Tattoo Artist Will (Permanently!) Ink You And Your Guests At Your Wedding Reception


The main reason couples get wedding ring tattoos is usually to represent their forever commitment to their marriage—they're everlasting and cannot be lost, nor do they need to be removed for any task, like washing dishes. You and your spouse can borrow from tradition with single band wedding ring tattoos, or you can create your own unique and meaningful design.

Finger Tattoo Tips Finding the design you want for your wedding ring tattoo isn't the hard part—it's finding the reputable, experienced, licensed tattoo artist to ink your wedding ring tattoo. Here's how to find one:

This Tattoo Artist Will (Permanently!) Ink You and Your Guests at Your Wedding Reception

Who would have guessed that this regrettable arrangement of dots poked into my arm with an unsanitary sewing needle and pen-ink by a strange boy in our inebriated stupor would have lead me into the world of what is now one of my favourite forms of art: We all have different approaches to tattoos—some of us sit on an idea or design for months, even years before getting it permanently engraved into our bodies, and some of us myself included have been known to get inked on impulse.

Acquiring a collection of tattoos on your body has become a prominent form of self-expression, especially in the art and fashion world, and it came as no surprise that we found many tattoo artists taking root in Berlin, rendering a whole spectrum of life to their art and etching stories into blank canvases of skin. Click on to check out 10 Berlin-based tattoo artists and studios that really grabbed our attention.


40 Sweet Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas You'll Want to Copy

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This Tattoo Artist Will (Permanently!) Ink You And Your Guests At Your Wedding Reception

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40 Sweet Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas You'll Want to Copy

Reasons to Get a Wedding Ring Tattoo

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Top 10 Secrets Tattoo Artists Don’t Want You To Know

A few of our favorite wedding vendors

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A few of our favorite wedding vendors

Finger Tattoo Tips

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Who The Hell Would Want To Get A Tattoo At A Wedding Reception?

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Who The Hell Would Want To Get A Tattoo At A Wedding Reception?

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This Tattoo Artist Will (Permanently!) Ink You and Your Guests at Your Wedding Reception

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Doubt This Tattoo Artist Will (Permanently!) Ink You and Your Guests at Your Wedding Reception the

Would you consider REAL tattoo wedding favors at your wedding?

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Will Wedding Ink (Permanently!) at This Your Tattoo Guests and Reception Artist You Your

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This Tattoo Artist Will (Permanently!) Ink You and Your Guests at Your Wedding Reception