The Wedding Singer Turns 20! Here Are The Top Wedding Songs Of The Decade


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The Wedding Singer Turns 20! Here Are the Top Wedding Songs of the Decade

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Top 10 Modern Wedding Songs

Today's the Day: "The Wedding Singer" Turns 20

The Musical Comedy" can leave you with mixed emotions. On one hand, it's hard to resist a stage show full of s awesomeness, even if it's a musical based on a mediocre Adam Sandler flick. But with a story that plays a bit more smoothly on film and a forgettable score, this musical adaptation is good for little more than a few laughs and a bit of nostalgia.

But when fiancée Linda leaves him at the altar, Robbie soon disrupts other wedding receptions with his anti-love attitude and music.


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The Wedding Singer Turns 20! Here Are The Top Wedding Songs Of The Decade

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Today's the Day:

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Top 100 Popular First Dance Songs

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Top 100 Popular First Dance Songs

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When God Made You

Most Viewed Wedding Songs

  • This song easily deserves to be in top
  • Despite the show's flaws, the ensemble has a blast on stage, and the fun is infectious.
  • But I couldn't find no rock 'n roll!
  • J, I got somethin' he's gotta play, wanna hear it I can't wait.
  • In fact, the music awkwardly skirts iconic hits of the decadent decade and tries, often unsuccessfully, to emulate the music from the film's soundtrack.
  • There are a few changes from the film, which isn't unusual for an adaptation, but many of the old jokes are still there how many times can we laugh at the name Julia Gulia?

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The 50 Most Popular Wedding Songs, According To Spotify

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The 50 Most Popular Wedding Songs, According To Spotify

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Top Wedding songs – Best Marriage Party Songs 2018

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Top Wedding songs – Best Marriage Party Songs 2018


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Clare Shilland Wedding Singer Wedding the Are Turns of Top Songs Here 20! the Decade The all about

The Wedding Singer


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The Wedding Singer Turns 20! Here Are the Top Wedding Songs of the Decade

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The Wedding Singer Turns 20! Here Are the Top Wedding Songs of the Decade great, thank

12 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Wedding Singer

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Here Top Wedding Songs The Turns of Decade Are the the 20! Wedding Singer

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The Wedding Singer Turns 20! Here Are the Top Wedding Songs of the Decade