Nail Polish Pairings For Two-Tone Nail Designs


Simply dab this on your nails and apply the chunkier pieces using a toothpick. Glitter Lines and Complete Coverage Using the technique of applying glitter polish with a makeup sponge can save a lot of time, but what if you want to create a design? You can do this one of two ways, first apply the glitter polish then apply tape over the sections you wish to remain glittery.

Just a Touch of Sparkle This design can be pretty easy to do by simply applying a thin layer of glitter polish to a makeup sponge and dabbing that to the area closest to your cuticle. Keep in mind that the more you add to the sponge and the more you dab, the more glitter you will apply.

Nail Polish Pairings for Two-Tone Nail Designs

Nail Designs for Short Nails 1. Red to Black Gradient As well as being easy to create, this red-to-black gradient design is stylish and subtle. The rich look is perfect for autumn or winter and it features a dark, vampy aesthetic. You can even match it with an oxblood lip for a sultry, date night style.

NEW Nail Art Trick ♚ Nail Art Designs Compilation ♚ Super-Easy Nail Art Ideas That Your Friends

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Here are some pictures of our favourite acrylic nail designs for your inspiration. This stunning dark shade of purple is glossy and gorgeous, in a wonderful colour which is incredibly versatile, complimenting most other colours and consequently making an excellent pairing for your favourite outfits. Adding a top coat will create the best glossy finish.


Crisp acrylics, shiny and long-lasting gels, or just a regular fresh coat of nail polish can make you feel ready to take on the world -- but Kylie Jenner takes it to a whole new level. This trend-setting teen is rarely ever caught without a fabulous set of nails or klaws, as she likes to call them. As an homage to all the manicures Kylie Jenner has rocked, I've ranked the crazy, amazing, and cool nails from Kylie's Instagram.

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Nail Polish Pairings For Two-Tone Nail Designs

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Nail shapes

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How to DIY Two Tone Nails. Nail Art done easy!

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Yellow and Pink Sunset Nails

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Water marbled nails & more!

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Nail Polish Pairings for Two-Tone Nail Designs   like

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Purple nail designs with gold

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Purple nail designs with gold

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Polish Two-Tone Designs Pairings for   Nail Nail would love hear

Two Tone Glitter Nail Design


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Nail Polish Pairings for Two-Tone Nail Designs

French Manicure with Patterned Accent Nail

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Two-Tone for  Designs Pairings  Nail Polish Nail

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