Meghan Markle Says Her Bachelorette Party Is Already Sorted


Meghan is seen with a constant smile on her face as she meets and greets people. The pair were welcomed by the Band of Royal Marines and a large crowd, who cheered and waved Union flags as they arrived in the city today. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is also in attendance as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle speak to representatives from youth groups and charities on the final public engagement of their Edinburgh visit.

According to reports, the couple both had ear plugs as Sgt David Beveridge pulled a smoking cartridge from a light gun. Sonny, who used to be homeless, said they talked about how the cafe had helped him and other rough sleepers in Scotland.

Meghan Markle Says Her Bachelorette Party Is Already Sorted

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Meghan Markle Reveals Her Bachelorette Party Is Already 'Sorted': 'It Will Be Fun'

Meghan Markle says her bachelorette bash is “sorted”

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Meghan Markle Says Her Bachelorette Party Is Already Sorted

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Meghan Markle says her bachelorette bash is “sorted”

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Meghan Markle Reveals Her Bachelorette Party Is Already 'Sorted'

Meghan Markle doesn’t know about her bachelorette party, but it has been ‘sorted’

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Meghan Markle doesn’t know about her bachelorette party, but it has been ‘sorted’

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Meghan Markle Says Her Bachelorette Party Is Already Sorted Departure Michael Nyman

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Meghan Markle Says Her Bachelorette Party Is "Sorted"

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Meghan Markle Says Her Bachelorette Party Is

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Is Sorted Already Says Markle Her Bachelorette Meghan Party The Freaks Come


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Meghan Markle Says Her Bachelorette Party Is Already Sorted

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Meghan Markle Just Had Her Bachelorette Party, and It Was Like Nothing You'd Expect

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Party Bachelorette Markle Is Sorted Her Says Meghan Already

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Meghan Markle Says Her Bachelorette Party Is Already Sorted