Kate Middletons Favorite Designers Debut Bridal Line


Kate Middleton revealed her wedding dress, a long-sleeved lace and ivory satin design by Sarah Burton, the creative director for the late Alexander McQueen. Designer Mark Badgley, who watched the wedding from his Long Island home with partner James Mischka called the dress a "classic Grace Kelly gown that appeals to modern brides.

I find the neckline of Middleton's dress to be very modern, very much of today. They both had their own career. They are both beautiful people and aspirational to many.

Kate Middletons Favorite Designers Debut Bridal Line

One of Princess Diana 's favorite designers, Catherine Walker still has a following among London's sartorial elite. The fashion house, now run by the late designer's husband, has a bespoke wedding design shop that could create a magnificent dress for Middleton and designer duds for her sister.

It's already one of the Middletons' most trusted brands:

The Royal Wedding Dress: A story of Great British Design

Favorite Brands – Footwear

Mary Madormo On May 2, , a new member joined the royal family , and the world was instantly smitten. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge has been a celebrity since the day she was born, and today, is one of the coolest toddlers around. And as a pair, this mother and daughter are unstoppable.


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Kate Middletons Favorite Designers Debut Bridal Line

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Favorite Brands – Footwear

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Kate Middleton wearing Monica Vinader

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KATE Middleton Outfits-PRICE and DESIGNERS-INSIDE Duchess of Cambridge Canada Tour WARDROBE-Part I

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Kate Middletons Favorite Designers Debut Bridal Line you own this

Kate’s style for less:


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Inside the Royal Wedding- Kate Middleton's Dress

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

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Debut Favorite Bridal Middletons Designers Line Kate live

Do you want to dress like Kate Middleton?


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Kate Middletons Favorite Designers Debut Bridal Line

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Kate Middletons Favorite Designers Debut Bridal Line far agree, like

Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton's go-to nail-polish brand launches collection fit for royal wedding

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Designers Line Debut Bridal Middletons Favorite Kate

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