Ellen Page Just Revealed That She Secretly Married Emma Portner


Video Provided by Time Justin Bieber selling painting for charity Justin Bieber has decided to sell a painting he did in order to raise money for those affected by the recent wildfires in California. He wrote alongside the photo: Actress Ellen Page has secretly married her girlfriend of six months , Emma Portner. The couple went public with their relationship in July , a few months after Page split with her partner of 18 months, artist Samantha Thomas.

Ellen Page has secretly married her girlfriend Emma Portner.

Ellen Page Just Revealed That She Secretly Married Emma Portner

Entertainment Ellen Page secretly marries girlfriend six months after going public Willoughby, a London Olympics silver medallist and two-time world champion, broke his back in a training accident in after which he was not guaranteed to walk again. The Juno actress revealed that she secretly married her girlfriend Emma Portner just six months after going public with her relationship.

Ellen Page And Girlfriend Emma Portner Are Married Announces on Instagram

Ellen Page marries dance teacher Emma Portner

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Ellen Page Just Revealed That She Secretly Married Emma Portner

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Ellen Page marries dance teacher Emma Portner

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Ellen Page marries dancer Emma Porter sharing beautiful wedding photo

ELLEN Page is officially a married woman.

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ELLEN Page is officially a married woman.

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The Juno actress, 30, shared sweet photos on Instagram

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Ellen Page Just Revealed That She Secretly Married Emma Portner all too

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Ellen Page Just Revealed That She Secretly Married Emma Portner Malene Birger

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Ellen Page Reveals She Secretly Married Her Girlfriend

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Ellen Page Reveals She Secretly Married Her Girlfriend

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ELLEN Page is officially a married woman.

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ELLEN Page is officially a married woman.


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Emma Ellen That Page She Portner Revealed Secretly Just Married the cinematography was

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Ellen Page Just Revealed That She Secretly Married Emma Portner

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Lauren's Ellen Page Just Revealed That She Secretly Married Emma Portner Girl

Ellen Page Got Married in a Secret Wedding and the Pictures Are Lovely

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Revealed Married Ellen Portner Emma That Page She Just Secretly

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Ellen Page Just Revealed That She Secretly Married Emma Portner