Bermuda Becomes First Nation To Repeal Marriage Equality


It is the oldest surviving LGBT organization. His trial drew national attention to the Mattachine Society, and membership increased drastically after Jennings contests the charges, resulting in a hung jury. Gay was the first periodical to use the term 'Gay' in the title and expanded quickly, including outstripping the distribution of American publications under the name Gay International.

After being assessed "incurably homosexual", he is sentenced to an indefinite "preventive detention" as a dangerous sexual offender.

Bermuda Becomes First Nation to Repeal Marriage Equality

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Bermuda Becomes First Country to Repeal Same-Sex Marriage

Bermuda Becomes First Country In The World To Repeal Same-Sex Marriage

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Bermuda Becomes First Nation To Repeal Marriage Equality

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Bermuda Becomes First Country In The World To Repeal Same-Sex Marriage

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Lesbian Senior Could Change Housing Protections in Elder Care Suit

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Lesbian Senior Could Change Housing Protections in Elder Care Suit

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Bermuda Abolishes 'Same-Sex Marriage' After Just 6 Months - 'Gays' are Upset!

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Think Bermuda Becomes First Nation to Repeal Marriage Equality have the baby

New legislation passed reversing effect of court ruling allowing same-sex couples to marry


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Bermuda becomes first place to reverse course, repeal gay marriage

  • This was considered by many Canadians to be extremely homophobic, and prompted sympathetic articles in Maclean's and The Toronto Star , eventually leading to increased calls for legal reform in Canada which passed in [citation needed].
  • After being assessed "incurably homosexual", he is sentenced to an indefinite "preventive detention" as a dangerous sexual offender.
  • This was followed by an activist occupation of the main office of the National Board of Health and Welfare.
  • Libertarian Party calls for the repeal of all victimless crime laws, including the sodomy laws; Dr.
  • Gay was the first periodical to use the term 'Gay' in the title and expanded quickly, including outstripping the distribution of American publications under the name Gay International.
  • Within a few months, Sweden became the first country in the world to remove homosexuality as an illness.

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Bermuda replaces same-sex marriage with domestic partnerships

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Bermuda replaces same-sex marriage with domestic partnerships

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LGBT+ groups have condemned the shocking move

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LGBT+ groups have condemned the shocking move

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More info on Timeline of LGBT history

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Bermuda Becomes First Nation to Repeal Marriage Equality

Ban is ‘tantamount to direct anti-LGBT+ discrimination’

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Also Bermuda Becomes First Nation to Repeal Marriage Equality

Bermuda Delays Repeal of Marriage Equality By Three Months

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Becomes Nation to Marriage Equality Bermuda First Repeal

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Bermuda Becomes First Nation to Repeal Marriage Equality