Adele Got Ordained Just So She Could Marry Comedian Alan Carr And Paul Drayton


Thousands of couples have sealed the bonds of their love to Adele's voice, but Alan Carr was lucky enough to hear it in person when he tied the knot with Paul Drayton! On Monday, the Chatty Man host revealed that the Grammy-winning singer agreed to officiate [ On Monday, the Chatty Man host revealed that the Grammy-winning singer agreed to officiate his wedding, and said she got ordained just for the occasion!

Carr said Adele organized every detail, even hosting their ceremony in her backyard in El Lay. But she didn't stop there -- the British crooner also performed a few songs at the couple's reception, including the newlyweds' first dance.

Adele Got Ordained Just So She Could Marry Comedian Alan Carr and Paul Drayton

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Adele Married Her Two BFF's

Should We Live Stream Our Wedding?

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Adele Got Ordained Just So She Could Marry Comedian Alan Carr And Paul Drayton

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Should We Live Stream Our Wedding?

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Adele Got Ordained Just So She Could Marry Comedian Alan Carr and Paul Drayton you for

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Adele Got Ordained Just So She Could Marry Comedian Alan Carr and Paul Drayton Arthur Elgort

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Adele Got Ordained Just So She Could Marry Comedian Alan Carr and Paul Drayton pretty good... finalise

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Adele reveals stunning robes she wore to officiate Alan Carr’s wedding

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Adele reveals stunning robes she wore to officiate Alan Carr’s wedding

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Adele Officiated Wedding Of Brit Comic Alan Carr

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Adele Got Ordained Just So She Could Marry Comedian Alan Carr and Paul Drayton

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Softie, Adele Got Ordained Just So She Could Marry Comedian Alan Carr and Paul Drayton hope

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Alan and Paul Drayton Got Adele Just Could Ordained Marry She Comedian Carr So

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Adele Got Ordained Just So She Could Marry Comedian Alan Carr and Paul Drayton