A Fashion Publicist’s Chic New Jersey Wedding


The third state in the Union fills with historic estates, country inns, vineyards, castles, farms, museums and waterside restaurants where you can marry, brainstorm with your office or most simply, celebrate. And the Garden State even keeps you guessing with its event venues.

The historic estate relishes in its rich history with components of the property dating back to Built and owned by famous New York industrialist Charles Walter Nichols, the chateau presents a romantic fairytale setting for weddings and events.

A Fashion Publicist’s Chic New Jersey Wedding

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Valentine's Day weddings across New Jersey

20 Classic + Modern + Truly Out There New Jersey Wedding & Event Venues

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A Fashion Publicist’s Chic New Jersey Wedding

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20 Classic + Modern + Truly Out There New Jersey Wedding & Event Venues

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Michelle & Eric's New Jersey Wedding at The Grove

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A Fashion Publicist’s Chic New Jersey Wedding

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A Fashion Publicist’s Chic New Jersey Wedding editorial. Always nice

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Jersey Wedding Fashion New A Publicist’s Chic

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