A Destination Wedding Weekend In The Andalusian Hills Of Spain


Specialising in exclusive, beautiful, intimate and unique weddings that truly reflect your individual personality and style. Our passion is to deliver contemporary, design-inspired weddings that are super stylish, luxurious, fun and all about you, enchanting and pleasing your guests for an unforgettable and fun wedding experience in the sun!

Every wedding we produce is bespoke, planned, designed and styled with your personal dream in mind. With our in depth knowledge of Andalucia and the culture of Spain, we will create wonderful experiences for you and your guests to enjoy and cherish forever.

A Destination Wedding Weekend in the Andalusian Hills of Spain

Location Located in the highly prestigious area of Cascadas de Camojan, in the Sierra Blanca area of Marbella, just 10 minutes drive from the Golden Mile and beaches in central Marbella. This noble country house blends the charms of old-world Andalucia with modern tastes and luxuries fit for Royalty. Enjoy boutique hotel-style service in this fully staffed private estate in Ronda.

View Villa Sleeping Capacity The Cortijo has 10 en-suite bedrooms spread across a main house, guest house and courtyard suite, sleeping 23 5 of which children and with ample space for celebrations, weddings, corporate meetings and events.

Rick Steves' Andalucía: The Best of Southern Spain


Fresh pastures … Mecina Bombaron, Alpujarras, Spain. La Taha de Pitres, Alpujarras These small, pretty villages high in the Sierra Nevada national park are a few hours' drive from Málaga, but offer a window on to a different Andalucía. The villages are connected by ancient paths, known as caminos, which, along with the long-distance footpath GR-7, make this an excellent base for stunning scenic walks.

Visit in late September or early November to forage the glut of wild almonds, walnuts, chestnuts and figs, and if you're there in early November, don't miss the Fiesta de las Castañas feast of chestnuts in Mecina Bombarón.


The Venue, after all, ultimately reflects the individuality, style and personality of each couple, serving as the "canvas" for the many aspects to be incorporated into the Wedding Day. The choice of venue is an immensely personal one, and our portfolio of hand-selected Hotel Wedding Venues along the Costa del Sol from Malaga to Marbella as well as some absolute "gems" hidden away in the hills that benefit completely from the beauty, peace and tranquility that inland Andalucia also known as "The Real Spain" has to offer, means the perfect venue exists for just about everyone.

The usual preference of our couples for their Wedding in Andalucia, is for a smaller Boutique Hotel Wedding Venue, some of which can be booked in exclusivity for 2, 3 or more days, thus making it possible to not only create an intimate and private house party atmosphere for the duration of the celebrations, but to also have free-range to decide on the order of events, decoration and use of spaces within the property or estate gardens, pool area, etc , without having to adhere to the "rules and regulations" that non-exclusive venues have in place.

The end result is your wedding as you envision it, adapted entirely to your wishes. Hotel Venues are ideal for having a welcome party the evening before your wedding, such as an informal Tapas and Paella Evening or Pre-Wedding Buffet by the poolside, for example.

A Destination Wedding Weekend In The Andalusian Hills Of Spain

Couples tend to have quite some criteria when it comes to selecting an amazing location for their wedding day. Does it have that special touch that they are looking for? It doesn´t get a lot more romantic than a wedding accompanied by the soft Mediterranean climate, the sea in the background and great food and wine during the wedding.

A Spanish Wedding - Where to start? Organising a wedding can be overwhelming, as there is a lot to take care of and couples will experience more stress as the date gets closer.


Hotel wedding planners in Malaga near Marbella Andalucia Spain

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Weddings in Spain - Paradise cove beach wedding venue

Find your Wedding villa in Spain below

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Find your Wedding villa in Spain below

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A Spanish Wedding - Where to start?

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Crap! A Destination Wedding Weekend in the Andalusian Hills of Spain know that's

Andalusian Hills • Canillas de Aceituno, Málaga, Spain


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A Destination Wedding Weekend in the Andalusian Hills of Spain interior

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Wedding Legal Issues

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Meet The Boutique Team

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Cities, towns and villages

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Cities, towns and villages

WINNING TIP: La Taha de Pitres, Alpujarras

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WINNING TIP: La Taha de Pitres, Alpujarras

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Luisa the Weekend in Wedding Hills of Destination A Spain Andalusian think that's


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A Destination Wedding Weekend in the Andalusian Hills of Spain

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Thread A Destination Wedding Weekend in the Andalusian Hills of Spain glasses

Readers' tips: top spots in Andalucía

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Wedding the of Andalusian Hills A in Spain Weekend Destination

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A Destination Wedding Weekend in the Andalusian Hills of Spain