9 Wedding Menus That Double As Reception Decor


Suspending lush arrangements a few feet above your guests' dinner plates is a fun way to create a more intimate space. This tip is especially handy if you're not so fond of your venue's carpeting—just keep people looking up! Make Chalkboard Signage photo by Harwell Photography Chalkboards are a great way to decorate an entrance or jazz up the cocktail bar.

Personalize it by thrifting an old frame and spray-painting it to match the rest of your décor. Drape with greenery or a flower garland and chalk away!

9 Wedding Menus That Double As Reception Decor

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Wedding Decorating ~ $381 Decor Budget

50 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas We Love

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9 Wedding Menus That Double As Reception Decor

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50 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas We Love

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DIY Wedding Decor: Gorgeous Wedding Menu Cards

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9 Wedding Menus That Double As Reception Decor have pair

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9 Wedding Menus That Double As Reception Decor ChrissyM

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20 (Easy!) Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Reception

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20 (Easy!) Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Reception

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9 Wedding Menus That Double As Reception Decor

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9 Wedding Menus That Double As Reception Decor

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As Decor Reception 9 Menus Wedding That Double

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9 Wedding Menus That Double As Reception Decor