8 Stunning Hand-Painted Ceremony Backdrops


Scattered through the hinterland, beach side abodes, in our bustling towns or even in your own private backyard you'll find the perfect space for your wedding or event. We have an array of hire items to suit each style and space and can't wait to help you create the look and feel of your dream day. Start the fun by browsing our top picks below.

If you're after a certain look and are unsure where to start, contact us and we can assist you in finding the perfect venue. They are located in the scenic and lovely William Flick Lane formerly the Pacific Highway with its canopy of huge Moreton Bay fig trees.

8 Stunning Hand-Painted Ceremony Backdrops

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8 Stunning Hand-Painted Ceremony Backdrops

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Would you use doors as decor — or are they best left indoors? Tell us with a comment below!

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Scenic Printed Backdrops

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Scenic Printed Backdrops

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Awesome Photography Backdrop Wall in 15 min

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8 Stunning Hand-Painted Ceremony Backdrops spy

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8 Stunning Hand-Painted Ceremony Backdrops Dior Haute

Solid Colored Backdrops

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glamorous cover Backdrops 8 Ceremony Stunning Hand-Painted Kim Williams



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8 Stunning Hand-Painted Ceremony Backdrops

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8 Stunning Hand-Painted Ceremony Backdrops one

10 Wedding Backdrops That Put The ‘Wow' In ‘Wow Factor'

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Hand-Painted 8 Ceremony Backdrops Stunning

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8 Stunning Hand-Painted Ceremony Backdrops

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