8 Hangover-Relieving Foods To Serve At Your Post-Wedding Brunch


Waffles, omelets, pastries and local fruit, all washed down with freshly-brewed coffee, mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Marys—we could go on and on. Say your vows at sunrise with a breakfast spread to follow, or have a brunch-inspired reception any time of day. Here are few tips for throwing a fabulous brunch reception your guests will be talking about forever.

Timing Is Everything A typical brunch reception will usually take place between 11 a. If you'd like it to be more of a breakfast, 9 a.

8 Hangover-Relieving Foods To Serve At Your Post-Wedding Brunch

For one, brunches can last as long or as short as you like. On the other hand, if you have plans, everyone will understand. Beyond those perks, there is the inevitable con that brunch occurs relatively early.

7 Meals That Could Cure Your Hangover

How To: Have People Over For Brunch

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8 Hangover-Relieving Foods To Serve At Your Post-Wedding Brunch

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How To: Have People Over For Brunch

2. A Healthy Food Option

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Timing Is Everything

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Timing Is Everything

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Planning Your Brunch Party

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1. Plenty Of Simple Seating — Like Picnic Blankets!


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Get Rid of Hangover

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8 Hangover-Relieving Foods To Serve At Your Post-Wedding Brunch only sad natural

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Brunch Receptions Are Seriously Trending—Here's How to Do It Right

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Brunch Receptions Are Seriously Trending—Here's How to Do It Right

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Here are a few trendy breakfast foods to serve at your post-wedding brunch.

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8 Hangover-Relieving Foods To Serve At Your Post-Wedding Brunch

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Round toe 8 Hangover-Relieving Foods To Serve At Your Post-Wedding Brunch Emergency

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Your Serve At 8 Foods Brunch Hangover-Relieving To Post-Wedding

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8 Hangover-Relieving Foods To Serve At Your Post-Wedding Brunch

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