7 Elegant Ways To Display Flowers In A Cloche For Your Wedding


Garland-Draped Ceiling photo by Judy Pak Photography If your vision of a romantic outdoor tent is stifled by the tent's exposed support beams—cover them up! For a lush, full-looking garland, consider greenery like ivy, maidenhair fern or boxwood. Add even more intrigue by hanging amaranthus flower spray, clear glass terrariums and bundles of bare branches.

Take this look to a whole new level of romance by adding floating candles and lily pads to the pool.

7 Elegant Ways to Display Flowers in a Cloche For Your Wedding

Keep colors consistent for maximum impact. To make a random assortment of flowers look anything but, map the vases out first. Place the tallest shapes in the center, anchor the outer edges with medium-size pieces, and fill them in with small containers.

Easy elegant flower Invitation

7 Elegant Ways to Display Flowers in a Cloche For Your Wedding

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7 Elegant Ways To Display Flowers In A Cloche For Your Wedding

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7 Elegant Ways to Display Flowers in a Cloche For Your Wedding

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Calla Lily Wedding Gift Wrapping

The Basics

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7 Elegant Ways to Display Flowers in a Cloche For Your Wedding will longer posting

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Cloche Decorating Ideas - Bell Jar Home Decor Ideas

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7 Elegant Ways to Display Flowers in a Cloche For Your Wedding

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Elegant and Inexpensive Wedding Flower Ideas

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Elegant and Inexpensive Wedding Flower Ideas

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7 Elegant Ways to Display Flowers in a Cloche For Your Wedding

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20 Unexpected Wedding Flower Ideas

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Cloche Display Flowers in For to Elegant Your Ways a Wedding 7

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7 Elegant Ways to Display Flowers in a Cloche For Your Wedding