6 European Islands Youve Probably Never Heard Of Before


Base yourself on the islands of Sandøya or Borøya where you can park your car and use the ferries to get around. If ferries are too mainstream, Norwegians rave about kayaking between these tiny islands, so expect to see lots of brightly coloured boats being hefted around by visitors.

Kayak rental is available in Tvedestrand, the town at the head of the fjord. Lyngør Island can only be reached by boat: Stay The Tvedestrand 58 holiday house on the island of Boroya, which sleeps up to six, costs from £ for seven nights.

6 European Islands Youve Probably Never Heard Of Before

Share Shares Setting up a country is a tricky business. You can have your own army, passports, territory, head of state, and legal system and still not count as a real nation. Just ask Kosovo, which remains part of Serbia in the eyes of nearly half the world , or Somaliland, which is recognized by literally nobody despite having a strong legal case for statehood.

These are just the big names, the ones that get into the news.


17 of the best under-the-radar islands in Europe

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6 European Islands Youve Probably Never Heard Of Before

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17 of the best under-the-radar islands in Europe

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For dramatic landscapes: Viðoy, the Faroe Islands

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For dramatic landscapes: Viðoy, the Faroe Islands

Aegina, Greece

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6 European Islands Youve Probably Never Heard Of Before Chanel for Neiman

Vault Beach, Cornwall, UK


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For history buffs: Gozo, Malta

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Top 10 Unbelievable Islands You Won't Believe Exist - Islands You've Probably Never Heard Of

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6 European Islands Youve Probably Never Heard Of Before keys-butterflies Picture Saks

6 Countries You've Definitely Never Heard Of

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6 Countries You've Definitely Never Heard Of

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Formentera, Spain


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6 European Islands Youve Probably Never Heard Of Before

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6 European Islands Youve Probably Never Heard Of Before you just get

10 of the best European islands … that you’ve probably never heard of

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Before Youve Heard 6 Islands Of Never European Probably

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6 European Islands Youve Probably Never Heard Of Before