5 Reproductive Health Tips From A Doula


This pain can even continue post pregnancy. As a Registered Massage Therapist in Vancouver, I have seen my share and experienced my own pregnancy back pain. First of all, I want to acknowledge that physiologically, pregnancy should not be considered a handicap. It is a natural, beautiful and extraordinary process that our body is designed for.

That being said, most of our spinal problems including pregnancy back pain, are a result of our sedentary lifestyle in our modern world.

5 Reproductive Health Tips from a Doula

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19 Genius Health Tips Everyone Will Appreciate

5 Reproductive Health Tips from a Doula

Medicaid Coverage for Doula Care: Latst week and today, regular contributor, Christine Morton and her colleague Monica Basile, take a look at that study and another from Oregon, and share thoughtful insight about topics that might still need to be addressed if costs savings were to be effectively realized in a two part blog post.

Today the authors discuss concerns about reimbursement and program sustainability alongside a caution against relying too heavily on arguments that position the doula as primarily a money saver and a cesarean reducer. Find part one  here.


I'm reflecting on my studies, reflecting on other people's studies, posting news, telling stories, and inviting discussion on reproductive health from birth control to birth to bra fitting. Saturday, February 14, What does a public health doula do? One of the recent comments on my blog noted the idea of a "public health doula", and in the course of writing my reply I thought I'd talk a little bit about my training as a doula and why I chose that title for my blog.

I self-designed a major in public health, medical anthropology, and languages mostly Spanish as an undergraduate. I was interested in public health because of all the issues it pulls in - medical, cultural, political, environmental, and more.

5 Reproductive Health Tips From A Doula

There are peaks and valleys in any given relationship, moments of incredible agreement and moments of fracturing argument. How to Plan a Wedding: Young People, Creativity and New Technologies: With 75 percent of millennials reporting acute pain sudden pain which lasts less than three months and nearly 60 percent reporting chronic pain which lasts longer than three months , it is even more important that this group learns to manage their pain safely and effectively.

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5 Reproductive Health Tips from a Doula

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This essay exposes the barriers that are unique to publishing doula research examining obstetrical or neonatal outcomes. Part II covered the medical politics and power dynamics that negatively influence doula research projects, while Part I listed fourteen research questions that have not been answered in the 35 years since the first doula study.

To conduct a doula study similar to the ones I listed in Part I, there are four to six different groups who will need to approve of the project. So barrier number one is having the economic independence to spend the time planning a detailed doula study without any idea whether it might be funded or approved.

Ancient Song is providing much needed reproductive support to their community and we wanted to share their story with the Diva Community. Our team spoke with Chanel Porchia this fall and here is a recap of that conversation: How did Ancient Song Doula Services get started?

Find a complete overview of our international partners. Doula Emily Varnam and labor and delivery nurse Kelsey Knight have joined forces to share comprehensive and free reproductive health information in the form of a cross-country road trip. Their Kickstarter campaign for The Fifth Vital Sign project launched last week, through which they're looking for both contributions and connections to broaden and deepen the scope of their plans.

At university campuses, clinics, community spaces and homes Emily and Kelsey will use their training and education to share knowledge through classes on birth control, fertility awareness, feminine hygiene products, and breast examinations for optimal reproductive health.

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Menopause Female reproductive system definition The female reproductive system is made up of internal organs and external structures. Its function is to enable reproduction of the species. Sexual maturation is the process that this system undergoes in order to carry out its role in the process of pregnancy and birth.

Internal reproductive organs The uterus, or womb, is a hollow organ located centrally in the pelvis. It houses the developing fetus during pregnancy.

The quiet foot soldiers in the fight for reproductive rights Dec. As she walks towards the facility, protesters carrying rosaries and placards with images of fetuses and stern biblical messages are often waiting to confront vulnerable people as they are escorted inside. Inside, people of all ages — from teens to mothers of several children — are seeking refuge from the political commotion as they go through what is, for many, a difficult experience.

Isolated from the roar outside, year-old Maris and other doulas volunteer their time to shepherd patients through first trimester abortions with compassion, respect and without judgment.

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I'm reflecting on my studies, reflecting on other people's studies, posting news, telling stories, and inviting discussion on reproductive health from birth control to birth to bra fitting. Clearly when I said that, I made it happen - I ended up attending a fabulous birth and when I see the family again tomorrow, I'm going to ask their permission to share a great story from it on this blog.

I really had such a wonderful time - I left on that birth high that comes from being present at something so wonderful. And that feeling is what prompts me to talk about why you yes, YOU, the person reading this should become a doula. I am a shameless doula recruiter.

5 women's reproductive health tips from a holistic doula

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I'm reflecting on my studies, reflecting on other people's studies, posting news, telling stories, and inviting discussion on reproductive health from birth control to birth to bra fitting. Wednesday, September 15, "Help! In these situations, unfortunately, their support person's opposition usually wins out over mom's desire for a doula - and more unfortunately, I sometimes hear mom saying later that she regrets letting herself be overruled.

Much of the resistance seems to be based in the idea that the doula will take over the family's role. I think they envision the doula hovering around mom - getting her everything she needs, rubbing her back, talking with her - while her family sits in the corner watching, excluded from being hands-on.

I'm reflecting on my studies, reflecting on other people's studies, posting news, telling stories, and inviting discussion on reproductive health from birth control to birth to bra fitting. Wednesday, July 13, What every doula should know about breastfeeding: Hand expression I've learned a number of things as an LC that I wish I had known earlier as a doula, and that I would like to share with other doulas!

I've decided to do a mini-series of tips called "What every doula should know about breastfeeding".

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5 Reproductive Health Tips from a Doula Kronthaler first laid

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5 Reproductive Health Tips from a Doula Gabbana Spring

Infertility Quiz: Test Your IQ of Infertility

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Tips a Reproductive Health 5 Doula from pics


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5 Reproductive Health Tips from a Doula

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Thanks everyone. 5 Reproductive Health Tips from a Doula asking all

Abortion doulas: The quiet foot soldiers in the fight for reproductive rights

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