10 Dreamy Central Park Engagement Spots


Conservatory Water Conservatory Water Whether you have a radio powered sailboat, or a wind-powered sloop, model sail boating in Central Park at the Conservatory Water is a delight for participants and observers; whether adults, children or, in one case, a rather notable rodent. Adding to the fun are the nearby statues of Alice in Wonderland and  Hans Christian Andersen , two of the most popular pieces of sculpture in the park.

This fact is most easily attested to by the patina created by the many tiny hands that have run across the surfaces of both figures. The statue of the Danish writer is also the site of a popular storytelling program each summer.

10 Dreamy Central Park Engagement Spots

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Top 10 Most Romantic Spots In Central Park

Balcon de Cordoba Photo By: Bangkok Tree House Photo By: Cozy up by the wood-burning fireplace, take in the stars with a state-of-the-art telescope, then climb into bed for a night spent admiring expansive views of the twinkling Manhattan skyline.


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10 Dreamy Central Park Engagement Spots

A modest picnic lunch leisurely eaten on a lazy summer afternoon with only a few dragonflies for company, the Pool can provide simple pleasures in an increasingly complex city. It is a rare location in the park that can offer even the possibility of solitude, but this mirror-surfaced pond, with its languid curves, has private space to spare.

Perfect for a tryst, away from prying eyes and intrusive ears, the Pool can be the site of intimate idylls throughout the year. Unlike the somewhat overwhelming confines of the Rockefeller Center rink, you can actually see stars at the Wollman rinks.

A romantic huddle over hot chocolate forms the perfect coda for the evening.

Top 10 Most Romantic Spots In Central Park

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9. Sacramento, California

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1. Central Park

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1. Central Park

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10. The Pool


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10 Dreamy Central Park Engagement Spots

9. Wollman Rink

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10. Conservatory Water

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Top 10 Greatest Places In Central Park

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Dreamy Central Park Engagement Spots 10

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10 Dreamy Central Park Engagement Spots