The Perfect Wedding Day Lipstick For Your Zodiac Sign


Aries Image via bbeautillicious The Daredevil of all the signs, adventurous, charismatic, and courageous. Your symbol, the ram, is lively and confident which makes you a bold person. You are always on point, and on fleek. The stars are telling you to try a bold fuchsia lip shade to bring out that fierce and fearless spirit! Taurus Image via girlwhowouldbeking Hard-working and determined, that is what you are, Taurus.

The Perfect Wedding Day Lipstick For Your Zodiac Sign

A bright pink, a pretty rose or a beautiful orange Well, you have nothing to worry about! Given your energetic and vivacious nature, we would say a lip colour just as vibrant as your personality is in order! Clinique Chubby Stick- No.

Most Popular Wedding Day Lip Colours

The Perfect Wedding Day Lipstick For Your Zodiac Sign

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The Perfect Wedding Day Lipstick For Your Zodiac Sign

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The Perfect Wedding Day Lipstick For Your Zodiac Sign

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What Lip Color Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The Perfect Lipstick Shade Based on Your Zodiac Sign

  1. If you want to know more about your traits so you can discern on another lip shade you want, watch this video by Higgypop:
  2. With your sexy aura, you can lure anyone to you.
  3. Libra - Pop Of Pink You are extremely communicative and easy to get along with.
  4. You like things to be in order and are quite the perfectionist.
  5. Cancer - Lovely Lavender Your nurturing and more-often-than-not patient nature makes you stand apart from the rest.

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The Perfect Lip Colour For Your Star Sign!

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The Perfect Lip Colour For Your Star Sign!

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The Perfect Wedding Day Lipstick For Your Zodiac Sign

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Your Lipstick Sign The Day Zodiac For Wedding Perfect

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The Perfect Wedding Day Lipstick For Your Zodiac Sign

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