The Best Songs Of 2019—According To Obama


The reviews of President Obama's budget blueprint are in, and they're unanimous. During a time of recession, the plan seeks to set in motion a historic remaking of the nation's health, energy and education policies over the next decade. Without question, Obama has used his budget plan — and projections through — to make his aggressive presidential aspirations clear: Think big, quickly take advantage of political capital and a Democratic Congress, and increase taxes on the rich and on polluting energy companies to help pay the bill.

The Best Songs of 2019—According to Obama

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Barack Obama 2017 playlist

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The Best Songs Of 2019—According To Obama

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Snapchat Spectacles are so LA

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Obama's Spotify Playlist

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Barack Obama Reveals Favorite Songs Of 2017

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The Best Songs of 2019—According to Obama wish

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Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins Is Now The Highest Paid Female Director Ever

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Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins Is Now The Highest Paid Female Director Ever

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The Best Songs of 2019—According to Obama

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The Best Songs of 2019—According to Obama recommend layers, cute

President Obama Proposes 'Radical' Spending Plan

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Obama to of Best Songs The 2019—According

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The Best Songs of 2019—According to Obama

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