Spring Wedding Beauty Survival Guide: Every New Product You Need


As beautiful as pregnancy is, it is also a challenging period for a woman if she still wants to look good and not frumpy for the sake of comfort. If your peace of mind still depends on how well you look at events and how well you manage to make the baby bump fit in instead of standing out, then you should pay attention to the following tips. Stay away from small flower prints! Instead, go for block color; one bold, beautiful color to complement the shade of your skin and hair or to bring out your eyes.

Spring Wedding Beauty Survival Guide: Every New Product You Need

All opinions are mine alone. This little DIY Bridesmaid Survival Kit is the perfect gift for your ladies in waiting, and a great gift to give the night before at the rehearsal dinner! Back when I got married I did something very similar, but I actually sewed some little makeup bags and stuffed them with treats. And how cute are these little gifts?


Our Editors Agree: These Are The 5 Skincare Products You Need In 2018

My family is heading to Disneyland as part of our spring break trip keep watching for posts on our other destinations and we are excited to get back to the happiest place on earth. Over the years we have learned a lot about spring break at Disneyland. Today I am excited to be sharing what I have learned with you so your spring break at Disneyland can be as magical as possible.


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Spring Wedding Beauty Survival Guide: Every New Product You Need

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Our Editors Agree: These Are The 5 Skincare Products You Need In 2018

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How-To: The Indian Bride I MAC Tutorial

When is Spring Break at Disneyland

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When is Spring Break at Disneyland

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There’s Spring Wedding Beauty Survival Guide: Every New Product You Need about

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Indian Bridal Makeup Kit - The Ultimate Guide

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What You Need To Know About Spring Break at Disneyland

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What You Need To Know About Spring Break at Disneyland

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isn't all-time Wedding Every Product Beauty Spring You Guide: Need Survival New SEASON'S COUTURE

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Spring Wedding Beauty Survival Guide: Every New Product You Need

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Spring Wedding Beauty Survival Guide: Every New Product You Need

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