Joanna Krupa Is Engaged!


The model and actress didn't live any moment off camera — from taking viewers inside her therapy sessions with longtime love Romain Zago, to their splashy wedding, to, yes, facing off over that infamous Brandi Glanville comment , Joanna was an open book. Nearly three years later, she remains as busy as ever, thanks to a budding movie career and her work on Poland's Next Top Model set to begin filming its new season later this year.

She's also become one of the faces of PETA, often using racy imagery to spread awareness for the animal rights organization. The Daily Dish recently caught up with Joannna, who opened up about her very busy life, the prospect of motherhood It's been a minute since you were on Bravo.

Joanna Krupa is Engaged!

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The Real Housewives of Miami's Joanna Krupa Is Engaged

Joanna Krupa Engaged To Douglas Nunes — See The Pic – Hollywood Life

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Joanna Krupa Is Engaged!

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Joanna Krupa Engaged To Douglas Nunes — See The Pic – Hollywood Life

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Joanna Krupa Is Engaged Just Months After Divorce

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20 Best Pregnancy Looks Worn by Kate Middleton

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Note ..... Joanna Krupa is Engaged! Tina Fey also

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The Real Housewives of Miami's Joanna Krupa Is Engaged

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Joanna Krupa engaged 7 months after finalizing her divorce

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Joanna Krupa engaged 7 months after finalizing her divorce

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like the Engaged! is Joanna Krupa Ides March

Joanna Krupa


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Joanna Krupa is Engaged!

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Joanna Krupa is Engaged! you are

‘Real Housewives’ Star Joanna Krupa Is Engaged!

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Is Joanna Engaged! Krupa

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