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  • Chrissy Teigens Best Friends Surprised Her With a Baby Shower

    Chrissy Teigens Best Friends Surprised Her With A Baby Shower

    PUNCH Metro learnt that the year-old Ikole, Ekiti State indigene, manipulated the voice setting of her phone and pretended to be different persons to defraud her best friend, identified only as Abimbola, of N3. Our correspondent gathered that Bamidele met year-old Abimbola in the Anthony area of Lagos State sometime in The duo became close friends after the suspect claimed that she had no relatives and her husband and children were dead..

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  • Relax and Recharge At These 10 Best Spa Bridal Shower Destinations

    Relax And Recharge At These 10 Best Spa Bridal Shower Destinations

    Channel your inner Megan Markle and go for a oh-so-relaxing shower. Yep, Meghan Markle had us all fangirling over reports that she enjoyed a low-key weekend of relaxation and pure bliss with her close friends and family at Soho Farmhouse , a acre rustic spa located in the Oxfordshire countryside. Sounds pretty darn nice, right.

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  • Heres Everything You Need to Buy After You Get Engaged

    Heres Everything You Need To Buy After You Get Engaged

    Wedding Venue and Reception Checklist When choosing the location for your wedding and reception you need to take quite a few things into consideration. Here are some things you should ask about when choosing a venue: Particularly important if you have elderly relatives or friends with walkers or wheelchairs. Check that they can accommodate the number of people you wish to invite..

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  • Best New Perfumes Practically Made for Spring Weddings

    Best New Perfumes Practically Made For Spring Weddings

    Top 10 Spring Fragrances Posted by Angela on Comments When spring arrives, the black and white world of winter seems to turn technicolor in splotches. The ground is mostly barren, but a patch of lurid daffodils lights up a parking strip, and a tulip tree looks like it has burst into white flames against the grey sky. Even the singing birds sound ridiculously cheerful, like a Looney Tunes short come to life.

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Only nine films wholly financed outside the United States have won Best Picture, eight of which were financed, in part or in whole, by the United Kingdom.