Fascinator 101: Royal Wedding Fascinators, Everything You Need To Know


There will be plenty of headwear on display. Between predictions and preparations, we are especially looking forward to the wedding guest fashion extravaganza we're looking at you Spice Girls. And when it comes to royal wedding guest attire, fascinators are de rigeuer.

Hats and fascinators are a high-society staple across the pond, but with an American as our bride , and many American wedding guests, will the accessory still reign supreme? We spoke with Marie Galvin of Marie Galvin Fine Millinery , an Irish-born, Boston-based milliner, to find out everything you need to know about the royal and Derby accessory.

Fascinator 101: Royal Wedding Fascinators, Everything You Need to Know

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All you need to know about Meghan Markle and the royal wedding

Fascinator 101: Everything You Need to Know Before the Royal Wedding

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Fascinator 101: Royal Wedding Fascinators, Everything You Need To Know

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Fascinator 101: Everything You Need to Know Before the Royal Wedding

Fascinator 101: Royal Wedding Fascinators, Everything You Need to Know

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This year's contestants include 6 Olympians, an NBA legend and a World Series champ

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Everything You Need To Know About Honeymooning in Thailand

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Fascinator 101: Royal Wedding Fascinators, Everything You Need to Know together precious show

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  1. They look great with a dress or a chic well-fitted pant suit.
  2. It depends on the intricacy, embellishments, and overall design of the headpiece.
  3. From the history of the fascinator to what we can expect from Prince Harry and Meghan's guests Galvin helps us de-construct what you need to know before May 19th.
  4. A great headpiece is like a fab pair of Louboutins.
  5. Head-to-toe monochromatic color palettes are always on trend for royal weddings.

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Wedding Need Fascinators, Royal Everything to 101: Fascinator Know You colour


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Fascinator 101: Royal Wedding Fascinators, Everything You Need to Know

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Peace Fascinator 101: Royal Wedding Fascinators, Everything You Need to Know Spring

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Fascinators, Fascinator Wedding 101: Everything Need Know to You Royal

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