8 Pretty Ways To Fold Napkins At Your Wedding Reception


How to Decorate Banquet, Square and Round Reception Tables Whether round, square or banquet-style, your reception tables should complement your venue and get the styling they deserve. Lucky for you, party rental companies offer a variety of table shapes and sizes so you can opt for a set that suits your space. Working with a large, formal ballroom with high ceilings and large windows?

Long banquet tables might be exactly what you need to add warmth and dimension.

8 Pretty Ways to Fold Napkins At Your Wedding Reception

So, my question for you is really silly because they are not important I keep telling myself but I had been thinking of making my own napkins. But now that it is time I should get started on the project, I am wondering if I really should do it. I'm not planning on doing a lot of decorating in the reception area.

It is already beautiful on its own, but a little dark, so some brightly colored napkins would be a nice way to add color without having to come up with a separate additional item on the tables, etc.

10 Ways How to Fold a Pocket Napkin

8 Creative Ways to Fold Napkins

When you are planning your wedding… the biggest event of your life, consider the many possibilities available to you for your wedding table linens, be sure to research well if you are considering using standard round white tablecloths, keep in mind that you can also use tablecloths with vibrant and exciting colors and make a dramatic statement, colored tablecloths are usually the same price as standard white table linens.

The size of your tablecloths and napkins will of course depend on the size of your table. Dressing your tables with beautiful table linens is the most dramatic way to change the ambience of your event space and make a personal statement with elegance, style, and color.


Here at La Fete Weddings we always take matters into our own hands, and physically fold every napkin on the day of our events. We want every single guest at your wedding to feel special so we take great pride in each and every place setting. Each table and all of the tiny details that go into it create the overall design of your reception.

Once the menu is printed and the chargers are in place, this is often the one part of the table design that is left completely up to us, and here is a fun sample of some of our favorites from the past few years! See the photos below and check out what a difference the napkin makes to the entire table design!

8 Pretty Ways To Fold Napkins At Your Wedding Reception

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8 Creative Ways to Fold Napkins

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Napkins Folding: Screw Napkin

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The Secret to Napkin Folding That Will Make Your Wedding More Beautiful


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8 Pretty Ways to Fold Napkins At Your Wedding Reception Stefani's


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8 Pretty Ways to Fold Napkins At Your Wedding Reception

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Gloria Natale 8 Pretty Ways to Fold Napkins At Your Wedding Reception most renowned fashion

Personalized Wedding Napkins

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8 Pretty Ways to Fold Napkins At Your Wedding Reception

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