7 Zika-Free Babymoon Destinations


January 29, Courtesy of the Lodge At Torrey Pines With the rapid spread of the Zika virus and growing concerns about its health effects on pregnant women, popular destinations including Mexico and many Caribbean islands are suddenly off-limits to would-be babymooners for the foreseeable future. One of just two U.

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7 Zika-Free Babymoon Destinations

Marie-France Roy Nov 8, Looking for a relaxing vacation before the baby arrives? The sea may not be as warm, but at least a temperate climate means you can be active without risking heatstroke inadvisable during pregnancy! The following countries all have good access to healthcare and are in, or reasonably accessible from, North America.

Traveling While Pregnant - Babymoon 2017

7 Zika-Free Babymoons That Are Even Better Than the Beach

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. But now that the Zika virus has been declared a global public health emergency, you have to cancel your babymoon or at least rethink that tropical destination. The good news is these relaxing and romantic places offer a refreshing alternative to the typical bump-on-a-beach scenario.

Here are seven babymoon getaways that are sure to stun--not sting.


While New Yorkers once flocked straight to the Caribbean, Mexico or Central America, these popular destinations are now affected by the Zika virus, which the World Health Organization declared a public health emergency in February. Because Zika, which is primarily contracted by being bitten by infected mosquitoes, can be transmitted from a pregnant woman to her developing child — and may be linked to serious birth defects — the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently recommended that pregnant women and their partners avoid traveling to any Zika-affected area.

With that in mind, here are some safe and relaxing babymoon destinations, each with good food and rejuvenating spa services. San Diego Photo Credit:

7 Zika-Free Babymoon Destinations

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7 Zika-Free Babymoons That Are Even Better Than the Beach

2. Santa Fe (New Mexico), USA

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Avoiding Zika- Safe places for us to travel

1. Santa Barbara (California), USA

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Hawaiian Babymoon 2017

6 Zika-Free Babymoon Destinations for 2018

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  5. All information was correct at time of publication but travelers should be sure to check the latest CDC Zika advisories before booking.
  6. But now that the Zika virus has been declared a global public health emergency, you have to cancel your babymoon or at least rethink that tropical destination.

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15 Amazing Babymoon Destinations Across the U.S.

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Five Destinations for a Zika-Free Babymoon

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7 Zika-Free Babymoon Destinations

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