25 Drugstore Beauty Products To Add To Your Bridal Beauty Arsenal


The finish was extraordinary - great coverage which concealed any redness in my complexion but still gave a natural, 'skin-like' finish and a great glow. I was pretty blown away. I immediately fell in love with this product - it has an ultra-light, soft feel and diffuses the skin for a soft-focus finish, but doesn't look like you're wearing anything.

This moved straight to the top of my makeup wish-list! I usually sculpt my face by sucking in my cheeks and contouring in a straight line from my hairline, but Nicole instead applied the product in a rounded shape under my cheeks right into my nose.

25 Drugstore Beauty Products To Add to Your Bridal Beauty Arsenal

Beauty And The Bride: But sometimes the stress can show up in the wedding pictures. Getting married is a production of a lifetime. Months of planning culminate in one major life-changing, stress-inducing event lasting anywhere from three to ten days.

Bridal Makeup Pro Artist Tips Part 1

15 Celeb #StyleCrushes to Channel for Perfect Bridal Beauty

How to freshen a tired face in 5 minutes? Spray rose water on your face Rose water has hydrating and brightening properties. Dip soft cotton balls in rose water and apply them on your face. You will notice your skin looks refreshed immediately.


Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday! S and I got married just about a month and a half ago and we have been loving every minute of married life. We feel so blessed to have had the wedding of our dreams and a family that has helped us make the transition so smoothly. We unfortunately were not able to go on our honeymoon due to a back injury but we know that God has a plan and it is all in his timing.

We are so grateful for this change in schedule because we would have been in Florida at this very moment.

25 Drugstore Beauty Products To Add To Your Bridal Beauty Arsenal

Wanting a more natural look, I was very picky in my search: Katya has professional experience in editorial, runway, weddings, and even children- after looking at her online portfolio I picked her and am so glad I did- She was perfect! She was ontime, extremely kind and professional, and the touch-up kit she left behind was easy to use and came in handy throughout the day!

Her and her assistant did hair and makeup for myself, and my Bridal team. I had no "Run-Through" and my hair and makeup turned out amazing!

15 Celeb #StyleCrushes to Channel for Perfect Bridal Beauty

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Daniela Polla beauty tips , bridal beauty , budget , cosmetics , drug store , dupe , multi-tasking , wedding day makeup Now more than ever we are spending beyond our means with many couples splurging on a wedding they cannot really afford. With all the extras to take into consideration, having a makeup artist on your wedding day may be out of the budget.

You may need to update and refresh your makeup wardrobe, so why not take the opportunity to create your bridal beauty arsenal. Go for waterproof products that are long-lasting, and that multitask- yes we have higher standards for our beauty products these days, and why not?

Hand-selected specifically for brides, their attendants and wedding guests, this prestigious awards program honors the beauty products that will make them look picture-perfect throughout their wedding day, and all the events leading up to it. The Knot Beauty Awards honor products across six categories: This year's winners represent the best products from luxury, drugstore favorites and specialty brands.

The complete list of winners for The Knot Beauty Awards can be viewed here and in the summer beauty issue of The Knot on newsstands now.

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Our Latest In Beauty Products

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Miranda Kerr Applies Her Glowing Wedding Day Makeup


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Spray rose water on your face

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11 Best Drugstore Hair Products

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11 Best Drugstore Hair Products

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25 Drugstore Beauty Products To Add to Your Bridal Beauty Arsenal

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25 Drugstore Beauty Products To Add to Your Bridal Beauty Arsenal

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