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  • Big Brother & The Amazing Race Stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Are Engaged

    Big Brother & The Amazing Race Stars Jessica Graf And Cody Nickson Are Engaged

    Cody appeared shocked and stunned by his team's victory, and he was thankful Jessica was able to complete the final plane-building task of the entire race by herself before the other two teams. On her way to the finish line, Jessica cried tears of joy. During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World that took place after the finale, Jessica and Cody talked about their The Amazing Race victory as well as their love life..

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  • Best New Perfumes Practically Made for Spring Weddings

    Best New Perfumes Practically Made For Spring Weddings

    Top 10 Spring Fragrances Posted by Angela on Comments When spring arrives, the black and white world of winter seems to turn technicolor in splotches. The ground is mostly barren, but a patch of lurid daffodils lights up a parking strip, and a tulip tree looks like it has burst into white flames against the grey sky. Even the singing birds sound ridiculously cheerful, like a Looney Tunes short come to life.

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  • Justin Timberlake Wants to Have as Many Kids as Possible with Jessica Biel

    Justin Timberlake Wants To Have As Many Kids As Possible With Jessica Biel

    As for Jessica, she was cast in her big role as Mary Camden who was the second oldest child in the TV family drama 7th Heaven, at the ripe old age of fourteen. They both have been going strong in their respective careers with equal success even though Justin took a brief musical hiatus from to to focus on his acting career.

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  • Carolina Herreras Most Iconic Brides

    Carolina Herreras Most Iconic Brides

    Dior is Staging a Fashion Show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Designers from Oscar de la Renta to Marchesa to Vera Wang to Jenny Packham recently showed their Spring bridal collections in New York City yes, the bridal collections are a season ahead of designer ready-to-wear collections, which can be a tad bit confusing , and there are more than enough drool-worthy options for every type of bride-to-be or wannabe bride-to-be. Not all of these gowns are even white. There are seriously chic options in periwinkle and even taupe..

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